Welcome to Family Dog Manners School!

Select the level of support you want for your dog.

Our Interactive Family Dog Manners course includes the option for you to ask questions and upload videos at every step of the way. Your  instructor will give you detailed feedback and ensure that you and your dog progress smoothly throughout the program to graduation. 

Cost: $195

We also provide a lower cost option for self-motivated pet owners who are ready to tackle the lessons on their own. Our Self-Guided Family Dog Manners course gives you the exact same lessons, but you won't be able to contact an instructor for feedback. We're still cheering for you from the sidelines! 

Cost: $65

How to Enroll

To enroll, please click your desired class below. You'll be prompted to create an account and agree to our usage policies, then you'll verify your account via email. You can then submit payment and get started!

Family Dog Manners Online - Interactive

Welcome to Family Dog Manners Class!

Our instructors will personally guide you and your dog through real-world lessons for a mannerly pup. 

Family Dog Manners Online - Self-Guided

Welcome to Family Dog Manners Class!

You'll work with your pup through 7 units of real-world lessons, building your skills and relationship.